Donation Campaign for MINTS International Seminary

I seldom post donation campaigns to my blog, but a friend of mine and longtime Logos Bible Software user, Robert Peters, asked me to share the donation campaign link to a seminary program called MINTS International Seminary. From my discussion with Robert over social media, it is a nonprofit seminary which provides theological education to those across the world who cannot afford traditional theological education. Here is the link to his donation campaign. If you or anyone is interested in supporting this ministry, check it out. Disclaimer: This post is a personal post on Nathan Parker’s blog, and neither this donation campaign nor MINTS Seminary are affiliated with

As a Christian man, husband, father, and pastor

I am called to a lifestyle of perpetual repentance.

Not only must I repent on the frequent occasion, but I also must dwell in that repentance turning ever towards Christ.

May my children, wife, and church always perceive with clear eyes that I am holy by His blood, and dependent on His mercy.

Dad, be the chief of repenters in your home, since you're likely the chief of sinners in your home. - Burk Parsons