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  The Cleansing of the Temple is a call to repentance, and a call to come seek joy in the presence of God through prayer. One of my favorite Facebook posts I’ve seen says, “If anyone ever asks you ‘what would Jesus do?’ remind Him that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibilities.” It’s not entirely clear whether Jesus was using the whip to drive out the people or the animals – and some people want to argue about it. But doing so misses the point. The temple cleansing is less about the cleansing and more about the reason it was being cleansed. Jesus is rightly consumed with a zeal for His Father’s house; a zeal too often lacking in ourselves. It is a brief text, but please stand with me and read Luke 19:45-48. Luke doesn’t tell us when the temple cleansing happens, but Mark 11:11-12,15 shows that it was Monday of Jesus’ final week. And John’s gospel (John 2:13-17) reveals that Jesus actually cleansed the temple twice. One apparently at the beginning of his earthly ministry, and the second time here at the end. That ought to be enough to get anybody’s attention; not only the first century Jews but […]


The Parable of the Pending Kingdom

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series The Gospel of Luke

  This politician hasn’t paid his taxes – but wants to run for office. That politician cannot keep his vow to his wife but claims he’ll keep a promise to this country. Another politician has never made a real decision in their life but they believe they can succeed in office. One by one you can check them off the list by their repeated failures in the small things for if they cannot be trusted in the small things, who would be wise to trust them with the big things? In this political season (as in every day) it would be wise to clarify that what someone does in private has a great deal to do with their capacity in public. The word of God has much to say on the topics of Politics, business, and everyday life. And in this one principle of faithfulness it cries out to be heard in every arena. Most assuredly it applies to we who claim to be servants of Christ Jesus as we await his coming kingdom. It also speaks to those who reject Christ; and more directly it teaches us something about how the kingdom is about to be enacted, and it does so by referring to history which was very recent […]

How an ESV Bible Is Made

Take a look at your Bible and think about the hands that made it.  Bringing the Bible to Christians across the ages is an epic story.  How that Bible is produced matters.  Crossway’s blog detailed a video on how some of their heirloom quality Bibles are being produced today.  Check it out.   “As Christians, we cherish the Bible more than any other book, so it is appropriate to produce it with the utmost integrity, with the highest quality materials, and in a format that will last for years,” comments Don Jones, Vice President of Bible Publishing at Crossway. Source: How an ESV Bible Is Made