Daily Archives: July 1, 2005

Worship: It’s all about God

So we want to build a worship service geared for teens. Here comes the argument: “Worship isn’t about the kids – it’s about God!” Exactly my point. It works the other way too you know. Depending on where you go to church the worship might reflect more modern sounds than say, the 1950’s organ. The worship wars erupt and the argument starts: “Worship isn’t about the organ or the drums – it’s about God!” Again I agree. So why the worship wars? (Note: we’re not enduring worship wars, I’m just contemplating) Usually they sprout because someone assumes that they way they like to worship is equivalent to hearing God command that it be done that way by everyone. Hey! Take a look around and you’ll see right quick that God isn’t boring and he has created a universe packed to the gills with things that are different. Sure Oxen and Holstein cattle might seem similar but under the horns they’re quite different beasts – and don’t bother comparing them to a duck billed-platypus. That’s the way gatherings of Christians are (We call them churches). Many look similar even though they do function quite differently once you get inside. And of course you’ve got your country churches and your mega-behemoths (MBs). The MBs lead me inexorably to the next problem: it seems everyone wants to be one. That is so odd, since they statistically represent […]