Daily Archives: August 9, 2005

Parents to Children

This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Five Functions of a Faithful Family

“Just wait till your father gets home!”  That phrase begets an absolute solidifying fear.  No child who has ever heard those words in context has failed to feel their heart palpitate and hands sweat.  The very wording and structure of the sentence has been carefully crafted by generations of mothers and I’m moderately certain it’s proper use and intonation is passed on from mother to daughter in secret ceremonies we men know nothing about. What’s even more striking is that it is- in some degrees the reflection of the biblical mandate for men to be the Christ centered foundation of moral guidance and righteous judgment in the household.  The image of the man sitting idly by on the couch while mom tries to deal with unruly children is a travesty of righteousness and a declaration of either immature masculinity, or overbearing femininity or both. That doesn’t mean that mom is not supposed to discipline, she must, not for mere survival, but because God has granted her the role of raising children and discipline is part and parcel of that.  The very fact that God would entrust the most delicate and easily moldable minds on the planet primarily into mom’s tender care should immediately dispel the rumor that the Bible somehow […]