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Children to Parents

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Try to put the following child parent conversation in Biblical context: A man was overheard talking on his cell phone:  “I know it’s something you want,” he said earnestly, “But I don’t think tattoos are a good idea.  And the same goes for body piercing.  As long as you’re living in my house, I think you should respect my wishes.” <Pause> “Besides, Mom, you’re 75 years old!  You don’t need a tattoo!” We all expected obedience between a father and his child didn’t we?   But perhaps you’re not exactly certain what to do with a child giving orders to his mother.  Today we take a look at the relationship of children to their parents.    The bulk perhaps is focused on children growing up still in their parent’s house.  But there are applications to adult children relating to their parents. Children to Parents (Exodus 20:12): Let me give you three key words to Biblically describe the relationship between children and their parents.    There may be some overlap between them, but they are used with fair regularity in varied Spots. The first aspect of the child parent relationship is Children your first order of business when it comes to your relationship to your parents is to Obey… Obey The Key passage I’d […]