Daily Archives: August 10, 2006

Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Old Testament is now available in PBB format!

Dear Logos community,
For your enjoyment, and hopefully spiritual enrichment, we now have the 11 volume set available.
These are 11 separate books that need to be downloaded one at a time. Place them into your Resource folder, where ever that may be. I keep my PBB separated from the others in "My Documents\Libronix Resources" folder. If you use a different folder for your PBB's, ensure the folder path is in the Resources path in LDLS.

Eclectic Timelines

Barry H. Has graciously created and provided three new timelines

  • There's one for The Civil War, AKA the War Between the States.
  • Here's another for Haggai the book of prophecy from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament).
  • Finally we have one for the History of Modern Israel.

Of course these are for Logos/Libronix.
If you want them, right click and download to the following folder:
my documents/libronix dls/timelines.