1 Timothy 1:12 notes…

1 Timothy 1:12 "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service…" (NASB95)
Paul's comments beginning in the twelfth verse are certainly not disjointed from the prior verse. He closes previously by stating that true doctrine is that doctrine which is in keeping with the glorious gospel with which he has been entrusted. Now he continues that thought acknowledging his own unworthiness to be a servant of this glorious gospel and effectively spotlighting the incredible mercy and grace of our God as a testimony and example given in Paul's own life.
For Paul, as it should be for us the transformation that God has performed in us is more than an academic knowledge. The transformation from Sinner to saint is real and significant and it capitalized Paul's doctrine and life.
Note that it is God and not Paul who has enabled Paul to carry the gospel. The prior verse is a bit startling when you first read that Paul has been "Entrusted" with the gospel. That is a significant amount of trust placed in Paul. But it is not Paul's capacity to bear that trust it is God who has "strengthened" Paul to bear it.
It is due to this strengthening coming from God and into Paul that generates the faithfulness in Paul enabling him to bear the gospel which God has strengthened Him for.
Thus it is God who likewise enables us to bear the Gospel to our neighbors, relatives, co-workers and ultimately around the world. It is not up to us. Just as salvation is out of our capacity to earn, it is also out of our capacity to faithfully broadcast.
May God our Father strengthen us to bear his message.