Christians and Tipping

From Between two worlds: Christians and Tipping

Daniel Holland writes in Relevant Magazine about the Dreaded Church Table. As a former Applebee’s waiter, I can say that I agree. Christians tend to be bad tippers and bad witnesses. (HT: Phil Ryken)

See also Greg Koukl’s brief counsel on The Ambassador and the Waitress.

I couldn’t agree more and have commented about it in a message on Genesis 31. Here’s an excerpt on the issue:

Let me give you another application of giving your whole heart. And this one bothers me in particular.
Today when you went out to lunch how much did you tip the waitress?

We have maligned the name of Christ and called it frugality!

Do you know that nearly universally waitresses hate Sunday because of the noon rush? Not because it’s busy and not because the seats are all full of well dressed laughing people – many of them clearly wearing church clothes. But primarily because the Sunday noon crowd is typically very bossy – demanding – disrespectful and then has the nerve to leave a tract or an invitation to church on the table next to a $1.00 tip for a $30 meal!
Regarding this one waitress by the name of Rubye F said,

“I have been a waitress for many years, and I have had many prayer cards left as a tip by the Sunday church crowd. That will not pay the rent. We need cash for the bills we owe!”

Another waitress named Dorris actually rejoiced when she got a promotion off of Sundays.

“Thank goodness I don’t have to endure that church crowd anymore. We have a nickname for them around here – God’s Tightwads… It’s like, the longer and louder they say grace, the less tip you can expect. Everybody knows it. It’s infuriating. The worst is when they leave you a tract instead. One flocking member even left funny money with some ‘plan of salvation’ on it. Thanks. I’m sure Kroger’s redeems those for bread and milk. And if they don’t, I’ll just pray the sinner’s prayer until my hunger pains subside.”

Dorris’ experience is echoed by research by George Barna saying that only 1 out of every 10 Christians leaves a tip of 15% or more.

We have maligned the name of Christ and called it frugality!
God have mercy!
We need to remember that obedience to God means loving our neighbor, and maybe that means Christians should be known as extravagant tippers, excellent workers, and preferred friends and neighbors. How diabolically sad that the opposite is considered true!