Dead Drives Tell No Tales

Last night I was putting the finishing touches on my first sermon in the DaVinci code series. It was on Gnosticism. In the middle of a save my hard drive started clicking. Windows threw a BSOD and the hard drive died on the spot. Lost. My last Backup was two weeks ago. Pretty much just before I started working on the whole series. I've lost all the research to a month of messages.

I've gone through all the classic symptoms of denial, anger, acceptance etc. There's nothing else to do for it. Even the old "stick it in the freezer trick" accomplished nothing whatsoever.
The LORD has given and the LORD has taken away. Blessed Be the Name of the LORD.
I awoke this morning early.. I read my Bible and prayed. Normally I would start up where I left off last night.
Today I just start over.
This is the second HD to fail in about a month I think (I had a one day old backup that time). Same machine. I'm wondering if the drive controller has gone bad? I've never heard of such a thing but what else am I to assume?
So I've got a choice in computer systems. I could just buy a new Hard drive and stick it in here. Or else I could buy a new system which I might be able to trust. One things for sure. I'll stick to a nightly backup from now on.