Islam A Religion of Peace?

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THE EGYPTIAN GOVERNMENT is persecuting another blogger, this one a Coptic Christian.

Now why would they do that? oh that's right because the Egyptian Government is Islamic – and Islam is sworn to murder everyone that isn't they're breed of Islam. Don't forget this is the religion that President Bush and PM Tony Blair keep calling a hijacked "religion of peace". (I really wish they'd stop that!) Lately President Bush made reference to "islamic fascism" and got slammed by CAIR.
Islam is not a religion of peace, it's a religion of submission at the tip of the sword.
Noted on Kim Riddlebarger's blog is another observation regarding the current inability of Evangelicalism to handle the influx of Islam:

The irony is that twenty years ago this threat was not even on the radar. Who would have thought that American evangelicalism would become so doctrinally wimpy as to be helpless against Islamic growth and ideology? Seeker-centered worship and vapid felt-need oriented preaching are quickly exposed for what they are in the face of a threat like Islamic expansion.

Down the road one of the commenters complained that calling Islam a religion of violence was

a bit straw-manish and not in the best of the christian tradition, i think. let it play itself out as nobly as possible–it will still come to nothing, don't worry.

In the end, 'tis true that Islam will come to nothing. However until the end, Islam has already claimed thousands of lives in our own decade. Israel does not suffer at the hand of mere politicos – It is from Islamic fundamentalism. Contrary to the words of our Commander in Chief, The United States is not fighting against people who hate democracy – we are fighting against Islamic Fundamentalism. These are people who take thier faith seriously.

Wake Up O Christians!

Get off your lazy butts and take your faith seriously. We are not ready to die for our faith in large part because we only barely agree with it amid the most tepid circumstances.
I'm too busy rambling to make much sense, and I'm feeling too ungodly to continue. I'm going to retreat into prayer, so you can go read the following:
I was especially taken by this little snippet with which I shall leave you…

Islam's Identity as a Denial of Christian Truth. His central thesis is that Islam is definitionally a faith antagonistic to Christianity. Specifically, Islam originated as a denial of Christian truth; or more accurately, what Mohammed misunderstood Christian truth to be. A religion whose very existence derives from the negation of another faith's (supposed) central tenets cannot live in peaceful coexistence with that other faith. In short, there can never be peace between Christianity and Islam because the very nature of Islam precludes the possibility of peace.