Love Affairs of A Bibliomaniac

book cover

I've just finished reading "The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac" by Eugene Field. All in all a fun book to read from my Palm Treo. It has virtually no Biblical / Theological content which makes it a bit of an unusual book for me to read honestly.

The Love Affairs of a Bibliomaniac is "a story or a series of sketches on the delights, adventures, and misadventures connected with bibliomania." The final work of author/poet Eugene Field before his death in 1895, this delightful volume will appeal to anyone who shares Field's mania for books.

I've mentioned before just
how much I "suffer" from this malady of Bibliomania. So much so that my
wife has refused to allow me to see the CBD catalogs when they come. 
She's right, I know she is that's why I created the book buying chart.

I'm almost always reading something on my PDA because it's always with me whether it's in bed with the lights off, or in the Dr's office. What's not on my PDA is off my shelves (or floor) so I'm reading perhaps a half dozen or more books at a time. Of course as I write that I'm immediately reminded of every Seminary Student's favorite verse: Ecclesiastes 12:12 "But beyond this, my son, be warned: the writing of many books is endless, and excessive devotion to books is wearying to the body." (Ec 12:12, NASB95)"  The preacher was right of course.  But that doesn't do much to stop me from reading, and my appetite is only growing.

I know I'm not the only compulsive reader- so what is the most recent book you finished recently?