Tony Reinke’s “Come Unto Me” in pbb format

"Come unto Me" – Jesus

(Matt. 11:28)

God created and now sustains the universe. And this same mighty God has always been a loving God, intimately concerned with His people. And so He invites us to come to Himself.
Come Unto Me: God's Invitation to the World, unpacks this invitation in a simple and readable style.
The invitation from God (and to God) is a biblical message filled with rich diversity. For those who accept it, this message requires sorrow and promises inexpressible joy. The invitation comes without price and costs everything. The invitation includes an offer of a relationship to God that is both forensic (or legal) and yet conjugal (or marital). The invitation to God is a call to leave past burdens and take up new burdens. It is a message heralded first by Old Testament prophets, hundreds of years later by the Messiah Himself, and still decades, centuries and millennia later by His followers. The biblical invitation to God is the white light of the world broken into a prism of colors displayed with unblushing diversity.Â
Come Unto Me is readable for those who have never opened a bible and have never pursued the heart of Christianity. But this book will also benefit Christians who seek a deeper discovery in the riches of gospel promises and fuel for the Cross-boasting life (Gal. 6:14).
This presentation of the biblical invitation also firmly confronts a society of religious relativism and a church addicted to pragmatism, uncertainty and over-simplification. Come Unto Me is a reminder to the church that the invitation to God cannot be watered down, trivialized or simplified and presents the invitation to God in its fullness and letting the reader see its full diversity and beauty.
Go ahead, open the invitation for yourself.
Although he attended church most of his life, author Tony S. Reinke met God personally in 1999 at the age of 22. He is a carpenter, photographer, preacher and writer who lives in Bloomington, MN with his wife, son and daughter. He currently serves at Sovereign Grace Fellowship (a church of Sovereign Grace Ministries) and directs of The Shepherd's Scrapbook, a Cross-centered blog.

God bless!