Want to Know a secret?

Movie Snapshot The DaVinci code makes you think Dan Brown has uncovered a secret hidden in the shadows of the past. He does this in the context of a fictional story which he prefaces with a simple (but misleading) claim that the book is based on fact. All over the place people are getting upset about it. Not me.

Dan Brown's facts don't stand up under even a little bit of scrutiny.
The gospel does.

I think the book and very soon the movie provides one of the best opprotunities I've seen in a long time to engage culture. Think about it. The Passion Movie excited the Christian Community and tickled the secular community. Dan Brown's DaVinci Code has captured the imagination of millions. Over 40 million copies of the book have sold (That's gotta change His tax return just a little bit don't you think!).
The publisher just increased their print run of the paperback from 5 to 6 million.
The way I see it, the church has two options, run away and hide like we often do with controversy. Or turn and face it with the light.
Secrets and shadows have something in common you know. When you shine the light of truth on them, they evaporate leaving nothing but the truth in it's place.
In preparation for an upcoming four week series I've created a short 2 minute movie, a preview of sorts for you to show in your church and get people talking.
I'll put the link to it right here.
Let's get ready to tell the truth.

If you have a link to some great resources put it in the comments below.