Daily Archives: January 21, 2007

Dominotez Upgrade Available

Dominic has released a new version of Dominotez in the Logos Files Newsgroup at news://news.logos.com … His website at http://www.fanintoflames.co.uk/pages/soft/soft_mysoftware.asp doesn’t seem to be updated yet, but probably will be soon… This version of the program converts notes into RTF files that can be read natively on PPCs… A good solution because eSword can read them…

They couldn’t make this stuff up

Sometimes, as I consider that I might be a complete fool believing in Christ, I contemplate the utter improbability of Christianity. The faith is so full of paradox, so alien to our understanding, so utterly unsatisfying to the natural man that it is not something that could be fabricated. If it were not true, it would be absurd. If it were not true, it would be dismissed.