Daily Archives: April 8, 2007

Love that Word!

Having been away for several weekends, I was happy to be back this week for the Easter sunrise service at my church, to be surrounded by the Bible as quoted in the readings, the liturgy, and the sermon. Thanks be to God for the grace that has not only saved us, as we celebrate so specially on Easter, but has also nourished us!

Afterward, I proceeded to a Buddhist service.

The Difference is Jesus

We are often so reluctant to speak to others about Jesus. I suppose I could focus on the reasons for that. Fear of rejection being one. Not knowing how to breach the subject is another. A feeling of inferiority being another. It breaks cultural mores for us to talk about religion – that is one that has been successfully and unfortunately rammed into our heads. And there are always related issues of personal sin or general unbelief in our life. But what if I could find a person in scripture who was transformed against all of these odds and more? Would you like to know what makes the difference?


He is alive! I am forgiven! Hallelujah!
Quickly, we must tell everyone – Christ has conquered death. There is no more need to fear the grave – because of Him I can face the other side with confidence that I shall meet my God with joy!