Daily Archives: May 10, 2007

Precept Upon Precept

Why am I doing timelines and markups for Logos Libronix?

It’s my wife’s fault… 😉 A few years ago, my wife started taking a series of classes written by Kay Arthur called Precept Upon Precept. She really enjoyed it and continued taking classes even getting to meet Kay at a retreat in Tennesee… A bit less than 2 years ago, Wendy (my wife) wanted to know if I wanted to join her in a Co-Ed Precepts study… (Up until this point, I thought this was written as a women’s study only…)

We studied the topic of Covenant and I really enjoyed it… There were a couple of unique things about this study… We we told NOT to use commentaries until after we finished all other studying methods on a section of Scripture (inductive study method), and we were to use lots of unique markups in our Bibles to help us find important common words, phrases, and comments…

I have had my main Bible for over 25 years, and already had highlights and such that made the new markup system unusable… (Plus it was KJV, and Precepts uses NASB.) I had a NASB Bible, but my handwriting and drawing ability is not consistent, and I hate making mistakes… Copies of the chapters being studied are purposely included in the Precepts workbooks, but I really wanted to keep all my markups in a Bible as they ready did help understanding passages easier… By the providence of God, it turned out Logos was staring the Beta testing of Version 3 of Libronix about this time, and markups was a feature that was included… Did I mention I love computers?