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1 Timothy 3:9 Fit To Serve – Part II

Fit To serve – Part Two

Every one of us are called to be servants and yet in Acts 6 the early church saw a distinct need to select and ordain a unique group of men for a specific servant task in the church. They did not merely select warm bodies for the job a practice that is all too common today. What they did was issue a call for the congregation to select seven worthy men who could be trusted completely to do the job not only with integrity but in righteousness as well. It was required that they would be fit to serve the church.

Truth really does set you free

It was a standard cop-show plot. The bad guys merely had to stick to their story for the alibi to stick. The cops hammered at the bad guys, but the bad guys had a preternatural loyalty to one another and could not be broken. Until an appeal to mistrust finally broke the bond of loyalty and turned it to hate.

This won’t happen to us.