Daily Archives: August 23, 2007

1 Timothy 3:8-13 Fit To Serve

Fit to Serve

The very concept of servanthood which we hold needs to be rewritten. We to often envision servants as unqualified to do truly important jobs – but being a servant is the highest calling in the church. In John 13, Jesus gave one of the most vivid examples of servanthood in the scriptures when he washed his disciples feet. Moreover, when the disciples began to argue about who was the greatest of all, Jesus told them that the greatest must be the servant of all.

When needs arose in the early church the apostles did not do what we normally and unfortunately do. Our common solution is to just shove any warm body into positions of service in the church. But the disciples understood something which we all too often miss: you need to be qualified to be a servant of the Living God.

Warm bodies are not sufficient. Neither does languid faith or weak doctrine make you worthy to bear the title, "Servant of the Church of The Living God". To be certain, anyone who wants to serve God can do so without needing to be a super-saint first. But long before you enter a role of official service you need to be mature. The role of deacon or servant was first of all just a description of a job. But in due time it also became a title. My question for you this morning is "Do you have what it takes to be a servant?" Are you "Fit To Serve"?