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Ideas and Other Stuff

Sometimes, I like looking for different ideas than the norm when studying a Bible passage… I decided it might be nice to put together a workspace that takes full advantage of how Libronix indexes resources. I started with a NASB with Strong’s turned on and The New Treasury Cross Reference… Next I have Vine’s Expository Dictionary for Old and New Testament Words. This is the key resource. Because it indexes on so many areas, I found out I can make it the target of a word or Strong’s search, then have it link to a Topic index such as The NASB Topical index… Sometimes the associations make great sense, sometimes they don’t… Have a look…

For those of you who are geeks, I have just noticed a new Open Source OS called ReactOS which is suppose to be a Windows clone… I will try it out later this week under VMWare and see if it plays nice with Libronix…

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1 Timothy 3:10-12 Fit To Serve – Part III

Last week during the Sunday School hour, most of us had an opportunity to hear a very impassioned and very biblical message on the Centrality of the home from Voddie Baucham. In many ways it was a direct application of what we have been learning already regarding the centrality of the home in determining the eligibility of both Elders and Deacons. Note for just a moment that I did not just say deaconesses – there is a reason for that exclusion.

Do yourself a favor and open either your own Bible or a pew Bible (page ###) to 1 Timothy 3:10-12. This portion comes in a specific context concerning the proper selection of both deacons and deaconesses. For the sake of Context, I would like to read together with you the first 13 verses of the chapter. {Read 1 Timothy 3:1-13}

If we continue to take our text in the order it is written the resolution of verse 10 will come before the end in verse 12. The resolution is recorded in the tenth verse and it is simply this: Test the deacons and then let them serve if they past the test. But then Paul quickly follows with two more statements which serve to emphasize two key issues.

The first issue in verse 11 we already investigated and came to the conclusion that Paul must be describing a blanket description of the requirements for women servants in the church whom I will call deaconesses. These are not merely general women in the congregation nor are they specifically the wives of the deacons. Deaconesses must be dignified, not malicious gossips, they must be temperate and faithful in all things. These four broad statements help to identify a woman who is fit to serve the church.

I asked you to observe that I did not mention the deaconesses when I said that the home is central in determining the eligibility of both elders and deacons to serve in the church. That is because the second major issue which Paul brings to us after the resolution is that of the Deacon's home life. In this context with the eleventh verse concerning deaconesses immediately preceding it we need to specifically focus in on the men who fulfill the post of servant ministry. In order for any man to be qualified to be a servant of the church of the Living God in an official capacity his home life must be exemplary.

That is why those who may fill the official servanthood roles of deacon or deaconess must be tested.