Daily Archives: November 12, 2007

Critical Issues Commentary

I’ve long been a fan of the Critical Issues Commentaries by Bob DeWaay. I may not always agree with what he says but he certainly inspires critical thinking. Whyndell Grizzard contacted Bob and secured permission to convert the already existing commentaries into Libronix PBB format. He has been dutifully converting them and as of this post has completed the first forty sixty issues.
Way to go Whyndell!
As more come in I’ll update this post with them.
Update: Whyndell supplied the third set today, issues 41-60!


Saw this on XSoldier
I’m still working on my counseling skills but I could just adapt this technique. What do you think?

Sigh… youtube just pulled the video. It was at http://www.youtube.com/v/BYLMTvxOaeE

Edit: I’ll drop the embed code here just in case it stays online this time.

It was a counselor yelling “Stop It!” every time a patient discussed any particular Neurosis.