Daily Archives: December 29, 2007

Nathan Parker Joins Stilltruth.com

Hello everyone!

I’m Nathan Parker, & I’m excited to announce I have joined Stilltruth.com as one of its bloggers due to a recent invitation from John Norman. I’m happy to be here & can’t wait to begin blogging about my favorite Bible software.

You’ve probably seen me elsewhere. I’m the same person who has posted to the Logos Newsgroups, the Accordance Forums, the WORDsearch Discussion Groups, & the Biblesoft Groups. I’m also the one who started the WORDsearch Yahoo! Group for sharing files with other WORDsearch users, & yes, I’m also a member of Ruthie’s WORDsearch Yahoo! Group for Bible-related discussions as well. Most of you also recognize me as WeatherBug’s Backyard Sr. Anchor for my city & have probably seen, listened to, or read reports of mine on the WeatherBug Backyard Blog (http://backyard.weatherbug.com). The only person I’m not is the movie star Nathan Parker (unless you count being a video weather reporter one). 🙂

I hope to periodically blog as I find the time (I’m hoping for either once a week or once every other week), & I’ll be blogging here more & viewing the discussion groups less. I’ve gotten to the point where I have so many discussion groups to attend I don’t have time to constantly view them all. I’m limiting myself to only posting to them as I need to when I have questions or comments.

Jehoash and Jeroboam II Timeline

Amazing, how God would work incredible miracles for Israel and give warnings via prophets like Elisha and Amos, and it still continued in its idolatry…

Attached is the Logos Libronix timeline for Kings Jehoash and Jeroboam II of Israel, along with instructions to install…

God Bless, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all…


Read Through The Bible In A Group This Year

Since the turn of the year is nearly upon us and since it’s customary to begin a new bible reading program at that time I want to invite you on a journey through the Bible with a growing group of like minded individuals. Like any potential adventure it could be quite dangerous. First it might be dangerous because the program I’m going to suggest is in “beta” mode right now. That means that it’s stable enough to test but not necessarily stable enough to call stable; though in all fairness I have not found it to be unstable.

Second it’s likely to be dangerous to your current way of life. God’s word has a powerful effect on those who actually read it. It will change you and that for the better.

The First thing you need to do is take a look at the Logos Bible software page on the Global Bible Reader Beta Test. This is where you’ll be able to read about and download the program. Let’s assume you’re interested, what can you expect?

Let me walk you through the current beta version which was announced just this week in the Logos newsgroups.