Camp Logos I

Day 2 was completed successfully… We spent the morning learning how to use the ESV Reverse Interlinear… This was the most valuable part of the training for me… I don’t know Hebrew or Greek, so I did not think this would be of use to me… I was wrong… If you can use Strong’s, you can use this… It will be of more help if you know the original languages, but it really helps to see the way words are translated… We were told Logos is creating reverse interlinear versions for almost all the english translations… I look forward to it, especially on the non literal translations… (The ESV is currently the only complete (OT and NT) Reverse Interlinear… It seems to be a very good version, but I really wish the normal (text only) version supported showing Strong’s numbers… I have a way I will write up another day to display them anyway, but it involves turning off the Greek/Hebrew display on the reverse interlinear screens… Old habits die hard…)

This was the schedule:
Day 1:
Home Page
Bible Study Starter
Passage Guide
Exegetical Guide
Bible Word Study Report
My Library
Open Books
Arranging Books
Scrolling through Books
Basic Searching
Bible Searching
Bible Speed Searching
Right Mouse Searching
Reference Browser
Topic Browser

Day 2:
Reverse Interlinear
Note Taking
Word Processor
Automated Reports
Logos Lesson Builder

The areas I found of most interest were using the Reference Browser, Topic Browser, Reverse Interlinear, Logos Lesson Builder, and building a customized Toolbar. I was hoping for more on Searching, but really need to attend Camp Logos II get get what I want on that topic…

I want to also say Morris is a great teacher and spent a lot of time between sessions and after class working one on one with folks… He is a good man we should thank God for in prayer…

I recommend this class for anyone from beginner to and average level or those who want to know the right way to teach a Logos class… The above average user can probably skip this and go directly to a Camp Logos II if they really want to, but they will miss out on some good hints and fellowship…

More info on Camp Logos can be found here:

God Bless,