Defending Truth

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We all “know” what the truth is. The Bible tells us clearly. Our problem is, how do we get everyone else to see the truth.

Does this viewpoint sound familiar to anyone?

It is a narrow road to walk, that road that leads to truth. How do we find a balance between our understanding of the truth and everyone else’s understanding of the truth? How do we find the balance between one religion and another? Between nations?

In many ways, this is the issue that the Middle East peace process faces. In many ways, this is the issue that Christianity faces. There are so many theories and discoveries. Knowledge abounds; but wisdom is short.

How do we live the life of peace and truth that we are to live in Jesus? How do we fulfill the command to go into all the world and preach the gospel?

The very first step is to accept a basis of truth. For many of us, we accept that the Bible is the basis of truth; it is something that we can trust completely. But then, why do so many different theories get started – all of which are based in the truth of the Bible? I believe that much of this is based on:

1. Not accepting all the truth that is in the Bible
2. Believing an interpretation that is true according to one passage but not another and creating explanations for why
3. Trying to make the Bible fit into an explanation that we as people create (called theologies)
4. Trying to make the Creator fit our molds instead of accepting the explanations that he has given

Then on top of this, we take our understandings and do more than preach the good news. We try to force people to think the way that we think. We try to convert people ourselves, which is the job of the Creator. We ignore that the command is for us to preach the good news (speech and life style) and not to make others believe what we believe.

We are each on the narrow path to eternal life (if we are in the Messiah). We need to listen and hear all that is taught (preached), but we need to allow the Spirit to convict us of the truth and then to act upon what we learn. As long as we continue to walk the narrow path, He is faithful and just to have us reach the destination.

It is possible to strongly believe something and to speak what we believe. Maybe the Spirit will use our words to convict others. But, we also need to listen to what our brothers and sisters speak, and allow the Spirit to use their words to convict us. We must live what we believe, but we must be willing to change our beliefs if the Spirit convicts us that we believe incorrectly.

And most of all, we must spend time in the Word of God. We must read both the Old Testament and the New Testament, asking the Spirit to convict us of something new nightly. How else are we to grow until we reach the point of perfection? We must always be willing to change our thoughts; to grow in the Lord.

When is the last time that you sat down and read the Books of Moses? When is the last time that the Spirit taught you something new from His Law (which Romans says is pure and holy)?