Harry Potter

Regardless of what you THINK about Harry Potter (I’ve been on both sides of the arguments) you can’t get past the fact that the seventh and final book of the series releases on Saturday.  The title, “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” has triggered lots of conjecture but I think the answer is linked to the legends of King Arthur. 
In the legends of Arthur, the knight Perceval visits a castle and is shown four sacred objects (a sword, a platter, a lance, and of course the Holy Grail) which were later described as the “Hallows” by Arthur Waite. 
The article tells the rest of the story.

BBC NEWS | Magazine | Hallows be thy name

In the previous book, Harry’s late headmaster Albus Dumbledore told Harry about horcruxes, objects in which Lord Voldemort had hidden a portion of his soul. Harry has to find and destroy them. Two have already surfaced but there are four mystery objects still to be located, probably related to the founders of Hogwarts.

For anyone inclined to care the title makes perfect sense in that light.

Hallows is merely an old word meaning “to make holy”.  There certainly isn’t much holy about the soul holders in the Potter books, or by argument nothing holy in the Potter Books.  But they have given me a remarkable opportunity to talk to my kids about witchcraft, demons and Wicca.