Ick Factor

I don’t even have to run this one through www.snopes.com.
Jesse Courtney is a nine year old boy with a problem roughly 8-feet wide. 16 feet actually. He had two spiders (each of which have eight legs/feet) crawling on his eardrum!
The trespassing arachnids had taken up residence in his ear. This is the stuff of nightmares folks.
More specifically it’s the stuff of my nightmares! I have arachnophobia. yes I know, God has not given me a spirit of fear. I would never claim this was a fear from God after all he did create spiders and I know all the useful facts: they eat other insects and without them (according to E. B. White) insects would take over the earth. Well bully for them. I still don’t like spiders. As far as I’m concerned the ick factor on this one is off the charts.