I am a new user to this site. My initial interest, as is probably obvious after a little looking is in PBB files for my new copy of Logos. But, after a little discussion with tcblack, I have been encouraged to repost some of my blogs into this site.

My main blog site is, but I will try to be a little more organized in my blogs here. Blogger, though nice (and free) does not really provide much in the way of categorizing and organizing.

Anyway, I thought I would give a brief introduction before beginning to place some re-posts. Please note that I do not claim to know the truth, but am living an agreement between God and myself – which is to post anything that I think God wants me to say without feeling that I have to research it to death first. Oh, and that agreement had already been tested as I started feeling that I had to fully understand first. God let me know that I was in the wrong and I stopped pretty quickly.

And I ramble on…. So, over the next few days/weeks I’ll start re-posting select blogs.

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of your community!