Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of Divine Love – PBB Format

This is CCEL’s February’s Feature Classic. I was intrigued by Amy de Jong’s essay about the book, that i wanted it for my reading pleasure. This is one that Yvonne and I will be reading before bed. Now, you can read it too in Logos.

Lady Julian lived in Norwich, England, in the late 1300s. She was an incredibly humble and optimistic woman, and spent most of her life as an anchoress, living alone in a room attached to a church, dedicated to solitude and prayer. She lived in a time of war and persecution, yet her writing is full of the joy and hope she finds in reflecting on her savior. This made her a unique character for her time, and she was frequently visited by believers looking for advice. Her influence has lasted for centuries, carried on by her writing about the revelations she experienced during a nearly fatal illness.

God bless!