Nathan Parker Joins

Hello everyone!

I’m Nathan Parker, & I’m excited to announce I have joined as one of its bloggers due to a recent invitation from John Norman. I’m happy to be here & can’t wait to begin blogging about my favorite Bible software.

You’ve probably seen me elsewhere. I’m the same person who has posted to the Logos Newsgroups, the Accordance Forums, the WORDsearch Discussion Groups, & the Biblesoft Groups. I’m also the one who started the WORDsearch Yahoo! Group for sharing files with other WORDsearch users, & yes, I’m also a member of Ruthie’s WORDsearch Yahoo! Group for Bible-related discussions as well. Most of you also recognize me as WeatherBug’s Backyard Sr. Anchor for my city & have probably seen, listened to, or read reports of mine on the WeatherBug Backyard Blog ( The only person I’m not is the movie star Nathan Parker (unless you count being a video weather reporter one). 🙂

I hope to periodically blog as I find the time (I’m hoping for either once a week or once every other week), & I’ll be blogging here more & viewing the discussion groups less. I’ve gotten to the point where I have so many discussion groups to attend I don’t have time to constantly view them all. I’m limiting myself to only posting to them as I need to when I have questions or comments.

I hope to bring to this blog discussions on all of my favorite Bible software apps, including reviews, news, tips, tricks, hints, & secrets of getting the most out of your Bible software, regardless of the platform you use. I also hope to bring my cross-platform computer technology knowledge to this blog, explaining how you can use tomorrow’s technology for today’s ministry. Topics will include using media in your ministry, effectively building a better church website, sermon podcasting, & more.

I also hope to periodically include posts on my studies of the Word of God & let you know what the Lord is doing in my life as I walk with Him. I hope to share some of the Biblical principles I have built my life on, & also share with you what I’ve gleaned during many of my personal devotions.

I’m really excited about what’s in store for us here at for the upcoming new year, & I look forward to serving you in the near future!

Prayerfully yours,
Nathan Parker