Never be the only one to review your own work…

It never seems to fail… I think I have finished a document or a timeline only to find a mistake… Please download the Jehoram timeline again if you haven’t already as I uploaded a correction…

I almost have the next timeline on Ahazaih, Athaliah, and Joash (Jehoash) ready, but probably won’t be uploading it until next weekend as I am getting ready to teach our first evening Libronix class this Friday… Please pray that this class will be for God’s glory, and that I will serve Him well… As an introduction, I plan to go though what I do for a typical study session with lots of Q and A as we go… I’m hoping that by the end of the class, we can decide on a single topic for the next class and go from there… I have plans for the first 3 classes, but I am going to be as flexible as I can…

What areas do you think need attention? Keep in mind this is a 1 hour class once a month aimed at laymen… My already planned classes include:

Graphic Searches
Visual Markups
Timelines (Of course)


God Bless,