Patrick Fairbairn: Commentary on Ezekiel

Thanks to an extended holiday weekend, I have created a Libronix PBB of Patrick Fairbairn’s Ezekiel and the Book of His Prophecy: An Exposition. You can download it by following the link below.

Follow the links to my previous blog posts for these additional 4 Fairbairn PBBs:
Typology of Scripture, Vol. I.
Typology of Scripture, Vol. II.
Hermeneutical Manual
The Revelation of Law in Scripture

Evidently there are more books Fairbairn has written, including a commentary on the pastoral epistles and an interpretive work on prophecy. I did find a Google Book of his work on prophecy as a PDF, but not in editable text. If anyone has text-only versions of these works, I would consider creating PBBs for them.