Review of Logos Lesson Builder

Rated: 4.5 out of 5

Logos Lesson Builder is a software package that was built on the Logos engine, but marketed separately from the Logos Library System. Its purpose is to allow small group leaders to create worksheets for lessons using the templates provided. In addition to providing all the tools needed to create, file, and publish, you are also given copies of many of the InterVarsity Press Lifeguide Bible Studies (covering most of the Old and New Testaments) that you can pick and choose your Illustrations and Questions from. If fact, there is no need to edit them at all if you don’t want to. If you do choose edit them, you are able to copy only what you want to copy, change the order, insert your own material, and even add leader notes that will only print on the leader’s copy when printed out. Or you can simply start from scratch if you prefer not to use existing material. If you do use the included material, you are allowed to produce up to 10 copies of any one lesson without having to pay a royalty. (My understanding this cost is only a few pennies per copy over 10 copies but I haven’t confirmed this…)

There are several “styles” to choose from for the look and feel of the lessons, and you can create your own if prefered. I found the choices somewhat dated but usable. When you choose a style and publish, instead of printing, you have the option of exporting to a file such as RTF or HTML…

There is also a small sample collection of clipart included. It would appear that one could purchase full collections of clip art, along with unlocking additional prebuild lessons in the same way the Logos Library System could. I do not know if the additional titles can still be unlocked. The additional collections are:
o LifeGuide Topical $49.95 (33 Books)
o Christian Basics Bible Studies $69.95 (16 Books)
o Caring People Bible Study $24.95 (9 Books)

The package includes a very well written manual by Morris Proctor. As a special bonus, a copy of Logos 2.1g and three books are included: (KJV Bible, Leading Bible Discussions, and Starting (and Ending) A Small Group) These three books can be be used with Logos Libronix 3.x also…

Other than just being based on an older interface, I have no complaints about this software. After installing the latest patch (and you will need the patch), I was able to run it successfully and without problems on a Vista based PC. The same PC has a copy of Logos Libronix 3.x and both pieces of software (three if you count Logos 2.1g) co-existed without problems.

This software is no longer supported, but that should not stop you from getting it. The only place you can by it is from at a list price of $51, but you can get a discount if you buy it at a Camp Logos (taught by The patch is also available from their site in the Help section.

So why isn’t this software still being developed? I imagine it was simple economics… Too few publishers selling additional books to to few users at a higher price than most were willing to pay, especially since the package comes with about 35 books (about 550 lessons) as is… I imagine most people just bought the base package and never upgraded… Hopefully, Logos has enough of a base of users now that they could put out a new version and overcome these issues… (I also think many more people now use computers than 5 years ago…) Keep sending your suggestions to Logos if you would like to see this…

God Bless,