Review of Standard Lesson e-Commentary

Rated 3.5 out of 5

SRP=$19.95, Average=$13.00

I paid $4.95 for this at Family Christian Bookstores because it was last year’s edition and on clearance (75% off)

This is the CD-ROM version of the Standard Lesson Commentary put out every year for adult sunday school classes… In years past, the CD-ROM was included with the print version, but about 3 years ago, they started selling the software separately… I have picked up copies of this going back to 2000, and I must say they keep improving a little every year… This review is based on the 2006-2007 edition

Dispite the name, this is actually a years worth of weekly bible studies. In addition to the text of the NIV and KJV versions of their workbooks, it comes with licensed copies of a KJV bible, the Standard Lesson Dictionary, and the Standard Lesson Atlas. All of these are in Logos Libronix format.

Also included are PDF handouts and Powerpoint presentations for each week, (though I question if they are always targeted to adults.) Otherwise, I was disappointed that you can only access these extras from Libronix via the Homepage plugin, but this is minor… (The extra files are directly accessible on the CD-ROM if you prefer not to copy them over.)

If you are a layman leading an adult sunday school class, this could be the package for you… This is a nice companion to the print book if you are taking the class, but you may feel you have paid too much if you buy this and the print book at full price, especially if you have previous editions. I personally prefer not buying the paper edition at all, but this is not practical for most.

Bottom Line: Great for leaders, okay for students taking the class…