Want a Boxabooks?

I’m completely flabbergasted that the counter here is rolling closer to 50,000 visitors. Site Meter So for a little fun I think I’ll stick a few semi-random books into a box and get it ready for posting to the person who hits the magic number. Of course I have a fair collection of overflowing bookshelves so let’s select the books as well. If you were to win what kind of books would you want in the box? I’ve got some commentaries, some leadership books, computer books, devotionals, a few Tolkien books, a few on linguistics, well actually it’s easier to list what I don’t have available. I don’t own books that are easily considered “immoral” (well the KJV only crowd would consider my bible shelf to be straight from Gehena). If you have small children I even have tons of books that are great for reading to and with them (courtesy of my own children of course).
So how about it, what would you like in a completely free and just for fun boxabooks?

The Rules If you are visitor number 50,000 (or just in case #50,000 doesn’t report in – if you’re *really close*) you need to send me a screenshot as proof. The closest number =<50,000 will get the box. Even if you’re one of those who log in from Kuala Lumpur I’ll get a book rate bag and ship it out.

  1. Scroll to where the counter in the left corner is visible.
  2. find and push the Print Screen (prt scrn) button.
  3. open any graphics program and paste it in.
  4. Save the file as a jpg or gif (or whatever if you can’t figure it out)
  5. email me the picture along with your name and address and I’ll drop the box onto the slowest oxcart I can find. 🙂

That’s it. Now Comment away on the books or book types you would like included.