Building the Best Libronix Compatible PBB

As far as I’m aware there are no comprehensive sources of information on the net for developing the highest possible quality Libronix compatible PBB’s. There are however a few resources which are worth checking out first.

  1. Free Options:
    • A Demo video located here:
    • A Tutorial extracted from the help files
    • And a very quick demonstration on
      • The PBB Standard Edition page (
      • The Private Use Edition Page (
    • And of course John McComb’s most excellent Builder-Builder Program. If you’re building PBB’s I cannot encourage your investigation of this great tool enough.
    • The Logos PBB newsgroup
  2. Pay Options:
    • A Two disk in depth video tutorial here:
  3. Finally there’s this book. This is only the front page. I want to officially invite registered users who are building Personal Books for Libronix to contribute their expertise. All you have to do is log in and then click “add child page” at the bottom of this post.