PBB Mover

EDIT: 11/15/2007—
This has been superceded. gephartr placed this functionality into PBBupdater. Thus PBBMover has been removed from download

gephartr’s new PBB Installer is a great tool. It very helpfully downloads all of the PBB’s on stilltruth.com (and the Walther library!) and places them into subdirectories by author or collection in your resources directory so that your directory tree looks like…

| +---AbrahamKuyper
| | ccel_kprhlysprt.lbxoeb
| | kuyper_calvinism.lbxoeb
| | kuyper_near_God.lbxoeb
| |
| +---AJGordon
| gordon_moh.lbxoeb
\---Walther Library

But what if you’ve already downloaded most of these PBB’s already to a different location?

I know several people have just downloaded them into the regular resources directory. (c:\Program Files\Libronix DLS\Resources\) Duplicating an 800+ MB download can be rather cumbersome so I wanted a way to move all of my previously downloaded files into the right directories so that only those files I needed got downloaded. The result? PBBMover version 1.0.

Run this from anywhere, type in the current location of all of your downloaded PBB files and it will automatically create the necessary directories and then move the PBB’s over there.
Then go run gephartr’s PBB Installer and save your self a bandwidth headache.

Oh, and don’t forget to refresh your resources from within Libronix.