Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

Is It Really That Tough?

Let me say upfront and for the record that I have never created a book for the Logos/Libronix system using Personal Book Builder. As an owner of WORDsearch and QuickVerse, (in addition to Logos), I have created user books in their formats, (the means of which is built into their products for free, automatically converts verse references and creates books that are fully searchable), but I haven’t found a compelling reason given my method and scope of Bible study to invest in both the initial cost and annual fees that Logos charges for PBB. (Let me also say upfront that this is just me and my needs. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for those whose areas of interest and ministry really benefit from this tool and are willing to share the fruits of their labor with others here and elsewhere.) And please understand that I am not being sarcastic or rhetorical or critical of Logos (or especially of PBB users) in my question. I really just simply don’t understand and welcome any and all insight and this seems like a safe and knowledge-rich place to ask.

The catalyst for my posting this lingering query of mine is the recent offering of the A.W. Tozer collection in pre-pub on Logos.com. The substantial 55 volume set will be sold for $399.95 when it is complete, but can be purchased now for just $189.95 which seems fairly reasonable, equating to about $3.45 per book. The challenge in my understanding and the indication that there is something I am probably missing is that I purchased an almost (if not) identical Tozer collection for my WORDsearch library about six-months ago for $69.95 or about $1.27 per book. (I have since found it offered routinely on ebay for only $29.95. Ouch! That’s just 54 cents for each book.)