Daily Archives: January 10, 2008

Tracking Changes in the ESV with Bibleworks

After reading a post by Rick Mansfield on the changes in the ESV (from 2001 -> 2007) I began wondering myself what the changes in particular were. I have on hand one of the best Biblical textual analysis programs ever made: Bibleworks 7. When previous versions were upgraded (NET and NLT) I made export copies of the original then recompiled them using the built in module as “original versions” named NEO and NLO on my system. I’m going to do the same thing with the ESV 2001 so that I can compare the old 2001 version with the new 2007 version as I move along in my own study. If you want to do the same, I invite you to follow along.

Make sure you have the original

To see which version you have of the ESV change your browse mode to verse at a time by clicking either the menu feature under “View” or the footprints icon. Hover over The little ESV and the Word Analysis window will change to show the copyright info and should read “ENGLISH STANDARD VERSION (ESV). Copyright © July 2001” If it says 2007 you’ll have to roll back your ESV in order to do this little trick.
Of course since I update regularly I already have the 2007 edition installed in BW so what to do? Since I keep all my old patches I had no problem here. Note that if you’re not in the habit of keeping your patches I’m not sure how you can accomplish this. And I’m doubly not sure if it’s legal for me to post the patch (or the ESO compiled version) here since it would be in essence distributing the ESV without paying royalties. But I can show you how to do this with files you already own.