Monthly Archives: January 2008

Additional Miscellaneous Books

Now that I have a tool that does an “ok” job with CCEL resources I thought I would compile a number of other resources. I am attaching to this node these other resources, and may update it over the next couple days.

Note: Essays on the Social Gospel and History of Dogma are by Adolph Harnack.

PBB Updater Update Needed

With the changes made recently, PBB Updater will be having some problems with downloading. To correct this issue you will need to edit one line in the file: Program Files\\PBB Updater\mySettings.xml.

Change From:

<site name="" rootURL="" fileName="" />

Change To:

<site name="" rootURL="" fileName="" />

I’ll eventually post a new updater that will have this fix and will try to do something with the files that say they are updated but aren’t. But this will allow you to get the new resources if you want them.

1 Timothy 5:1-2 Restore Them Gently

Put yourself into this difficult position. In the course of your day you hear a rumor or know of another Christian who is sinning against the Lord. What do you do? Sadly most of us are so out of touch with godliness that we have an immediate reaction to just ignore it after all, what is it to me if another Christian is living in sin? But the reality of Scripture is that you are your brother’s keeper. We are indeed responsible to help others be holy; and when we see that holiness failing we should help to bring about that change with an appropriate rebuke.