Monthly Archives: February 2008

Fixing Unlock Problems With Logos ND Upgrade

I’ve recently upgraded my Logos Bible Software version 3 to the free ND Upgrade that’s available when you order the upgrade media DVD from Logos. I placed my upgrade over the phone with my favorite salesperson Jared Bryant (if you don’t have a personal Logos sales rep, you do now!) & received an activation key with my upgrade DVD. I installed & activated Logos as usual & everything seem to be going smoothly… Until I opened My Library. I discovered that neither the NIrV nor the TNIV were unlocked during my upgrade, as they should have been. After posting to the Logos newsgroups someone (I believe it was Dave Hooten) was able to help me get my resources unlocked, & I decided to post the tips from that discussion thread here so if anyone ever has this issue come up, you’ll be able to easily find it. First of all, make sure your Logos base package qualifies for the unlocked resources. If you own a package such as the Original Languages Library or you live outside the US, chances are you don’t qualify to have these resources unlocked during your upgrade. Clicking this link will give you some more information about determining if your collection qualifies for these unlocks. Since I live in the […]

Cataloging Your Print Library Using Your Mac

Whew! Finally got my DSL hooked up so I can begin blogging again! Sorry for the long wait. In addition to my wealth of Bible software, I also do own a nice sized print library, which while it has decreased after investing in Bible software, it still exists in my home. And trying to keep track of my printed library can be a hassle. I started off trying to create a hand written catalog of my books, which quickly became way too tiring. My pastor then showed me how to use Microsoft Works to create a searchable database of my resources, but I still felt limited to what I could do. I then tried Excel to create a spreadsheet of resources, export that as an HTML, & load it into WORDsearch in order to search my library that way. But it still had issues… Finally I found a free application for my Mac that allowed me to easily & powerfully catalog all of my books. It’s called Books, & it works really well! The app has a clean, Mac-friendly interface, it’s Universal, & it runs beautifully on Leopard. Cataloging books in Books is as easy as typing in the ISBN number (or scanning it with your barcode scanner or webcam) & […]