Daily Archives: February 23, 2008

Religion vs Life

I just had to repost here. I hope it has meaning to someone.


I am currently involved in a discussion on something called syncretism. Truthfully, I had never heard the word before so I had to start by looking up the definition. It has something to do with the combination of religious practices from various religions into your own religion. Basically the discussion started out with (1) if it was right to do, (2) if the LORD would accept such worship, and (3) examples in the Old Testament of Israel doing just that.

So, not only did I not know the word but even after reading the definition I just don’t accept that syncretism matters. Syncretism is a discussion of religion, and we are not called to a religion but a life style. The LORD did not ask us to worship him by a specific religion, but with our whole heart and with all our might. So, we are not asked to worship a specific way; we are asked to give him everything – all that we are and all that we do. If we worship in this way (with everything), then the outward form of worship (religion) will be correct no matter what its style is.