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Religion vs Life

I just had to repost here. I hope it has meaning to someone.

I am currently involved in a discussion on something called syncretism. Truthfully, I had never heard the word before so I had to start by looking up the definition. It has something to do with the combination of religious practices from various religions into your own religion. Basically the discussion started out with (1) if it was right to do, (2) if the LORD would accept such worship, and (3) examples in the Old Testament of Israel doing just that.

So, not only did I not know the word but even after reading the definition I just don’t accept that syncretism matters. Syncretism is a discussion of religion, and we are not called to a religion but a life style. The LORD did not ask us to worship him by a specific religion, but with our whole heart and with all our might. So, we are not asked to worship a specific way; we are asked to give him everything – all that we are and all that we do. If we worship in this way (with everything), then the outward form of worship (religion) will be correct no matter what its style is.

The Great Parenthesis – The Mystery in Daniel’s Prophecy

The contents of the present volume are really an enlargement of lectures on Bible prophecy that have been given at various conferences during the past few years. It was never convenient to have these stenographically reported at the time of their delivery, and so the substance of the addresses has been very carefully gone over and is now presented for the consideration of those who are interested in the revelation which the Spirit of God has given concerning things to come.

To Talk or to Act? That is the Question.

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So, I was laying down to go to sleep – but felt I was required to say one more thing. In many of my internet discussions, it usually goes to what we should not do, say, or think. It focuses more on the law of deeds instead of the law of the Spirit. It does not focus on what a child of God does.

Reading Romans 7-8 it is clear that Paul went thru this same discussion – and dilemma. But he had the revelation that those things that we should not do, but we do anyway due to our still existing sin nature, are not things that we do; but it is in fact sin that does it. And we are not sin, for we have been bought at a very precious price. So with this in mind, he reminds us that we are no longer condemned for what the sin of our old nature does. We have been freed from sin and its consequences.

So it is our duty to move on; to get past discussions of sin and consequence. It is past time to move on to what we will do. What are the fruit of the Spirit that we are called to do? How can we show the Spirit of our LORD in our daily actions? It is in fact the actions that matter, and not the discussions. The discussions are a tool to help us grow and to help us understand what actions we have been called to do.