Daily Archives: April 17, 2008

I’ve Got Rhythm

Yesterday I mentioned that I really hadn’t fallen into a rhythm with my translator Guenson. I am grateful for the many of you who are praying for this and I am equally happy to report that today was much better.

Finishing up worldview

We began with a devotional from Psalm 68:1-3 which highlights the power of God and then moved into completing the segment on worldview. After just a touch of review we discussed some specific examples concerning how the unbalanced supernaturalism of Haiti and the minimal supernaturalism of North America bring their own set of problems to our churches.
In Haiti as a general rule superstition is indiscriminately mixed with truth and trying to find the dividing line between one and the other is not often easy. The result is that some pastors think they know something of Spiritual warfare but by and large they do not; their perceptions are just as skewed as their American counterparts but in the other direction. Moreover the outright hopelessness which saturates so much of Haiti tends to transform the way evangelism and subsequent discipleship ministry is done here.

A very brief history of the demonic

Following the block on world view we delved into a very broad (and not very deep) overview of how the demonic was viewed not only by the Bible’s human authors but on into early church. Tertullian for example (ca 160-225 AD) believed that everyone had a demon assigned to them; as a result it was fairly common to bring new believers through rites of deliverance from the demonic.