Daily Archives: April 22, 2008

Mangos and Handgrenades

Mango’s as you may or may not have EVER noticed are shaped an awful lot like hand grenades, well – at least they’d be shaped like hand grenades if hand grenades were mango shaped. If that doesn’t make sense don’t worry it’s probably just the sleep deprivation.
I have noticed in the last six years that I never sleep in Haiti. Well ok, I do sleep a bit. I sleep for 1/2 hour and wake up for an hour and I sleep for an hour and a half and then I wake for twenty minutes… you get the picture. Laying in bed: 7.5 hours. Actual sleep: about 4 hours. That’s kind of the way it runs with me here.

It’s not the noise per se, I’ve tried ear plugs, and even Benadryl all to no effect. So I wake up and pray or quote scripture or tonight I just decided that when i wake up past about 2:30 or 3 I’ll just go ahead and get up to read. It won’t be easy since the power is almost always out after 10 when the generators go off. The Haiti electrical department can always be depended on to be off.

Anyway, back to the mango story. As you may know mango’s are a rather dense fruit with a significantly sized pit in the middle. What you may not realize is that a mango tree can be rather tall, I mean significantly tall. In fact the Mango trees are so tall that they threaten to escape the earth’s gravity. The only reason they don’t is because of the enormous weight of the millions of mango’s hanging from every branch.