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John G. Butler’s Commentaries-Coming Soon to a Libronix Library Near You!

Dear Logos Users, Recently Logos has put into pre-pub John G. Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor commentary series. I would like for all of you to do me a favor. BUY THIS PRE-PUB! This is absolutely the best commentary series Logos could ever put into production, & it’s just begun! Butler is working on many more titles to eventually cover the entire Bible. Butler is my favorite author of all time, & I can’t wait to have this series under my Libronix library. I want this to be Logos’ best selling pre-pub ever. If Logos can sell enough of this collection then I hope they will be compelled to produce the rest of these commentaries (when available) & all of Butler’s other resources into Libronix format. I have all of his other resources in print & they are absolutely vital to my Bible study. They are the most truthful, uncompromising gems I’ve ever read. After consulting the Bible text itself, my next step is always Butler. Please add these wonderful resources to your Libronix library, & tell all of your friends to to the same as well. No library is complete without these amazing tools! While you’re at it, if you’re looking for someone to order the resources from, please consider ordering from […]

Apple iLife ’08

iPhoto ’08: Organize your digital photos and share them by email or through your webpage. Have fun making cards and calendars so you can get the most out of your photo library. iMovie ’08: Publish your movies to your website, YouTube, your iPod, iPhone and even Apple TV. The built-in library of the iMovie ’08 automatically organizes your videos so you can view and work as intuitive as enjoying your photos. The revolutionary interface makes sharing easy with just a few clicks away. iLife ’08 has significantly upgraded Apple’s award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications. A new verion of iPhoto and a completely reinvented iMovie makes enjoying your photos, creating movies, making music and websites even easier. New to iLife is the .Mac Web Gallery. Both iPhoto and iMovie is integrated into .Mac Mac Gallery for instantly creating and hosting online photo and video contents. .Mac Web Gallery: Through iPhoto ’08, you can share photos with friends and family on your .Mac Web Gallery where visitors can enjoy high-quality images or even contribute their own with either a Mac or a PC. GarageBand ’08: GarageBand is the perfect place to get your act together. Create your very own virtual onstage band and play along on your favorite instrument whether you’re a first-time musician or a […]

Running iMovie ’08 on a G4 Mac

Whew! Sorry I haven’t blogged here in a while. I’ve been extremely busy lately with our severe weather here, & the fact that I’ve recently started my own corporation known as Mallard Computer, Inc. I’ve just become the President/CEO & am really excited about the new technology items we’re working on delivering. The Lord has a lot in store for us here & I’m excited on how He will be using us to aid in fulfilling the Great Commission. Please pray for us during this exciting time! This week I’ve decided to discuss an interesting discovery I recently found out about that has been an exciting one for me. Back last summer when Steve Jobs unveiled the new iLife ’08 during a keynote presentation he demonstrated the amazing new, totally re-written iMovie ’08 video editing app. It was built to be an entirely new way to edit movies. Well, today I’m not here to discuss what features I like & dislike about the new iMovie and what Apple did right & wrong to iMovie, I’m here to address the issue that was the most important one to me: iMovie ’08 will not run on a G4 Mac. The system requirements at state you must have a G5 or Intel […]