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Never Leave Your Partner Behind

I’ve just gotten back from a special preview of a new movie called “Fireproof“. It’s made by the same folks that made Facing the Giants and to a certain extent it shares many of the same components that made “Giants” go as far as it did. I remember reading a secular review of Facing the Giants which declared it “preachy”. I have to confess that it was probably a sane summary. I could try to cover it up by saying “the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing…” but I won’t even though it’s true.

Very early on in the movie there was something I still can’t get my finger on which bothered me. The acting wasn’t bad – but there was something which was to me intangibly understated. To my untrained eye it certainly was as professional and well acted as any other movie I’ve ever seen, perhaps it was the script itself – either way after about 10 minutes the distraction disappeared and I was fully into the movie.

Dr Albert Mohler: Why Do we Preach?

Day two of the MBI pastor’s conference started out with a bang. Dr. Albert Mohler president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary delivered a bang up message on why we preach. Here are my scrambling notes. They may not be complete or coherent but they are what they are. I’m going to try and separate most of the sessions because it’s just too much to put them all in one post. Plus I can spread them out a bit better that way 🙂

Deuteronomy 4 serves as the backdrop for our preaching so go read it.
Luke 16 the sufficiency of the word of God.
Preaching and the big story Luke 24 “…didn’t or hearts burn within us…”

This whole business of preaching is something that we should understand on a Tuesday morning but there is a crisis of preaching in the evangelical church. How likely are you to hear an explicitly evangelical exposition of the word of God in the pulpit? Unfortunately there are people urging pastors to do anything other than the exposition of the scriptures from the pulpit. People with “itching ears” that don’t want to hear the Bible being taught – but will take almost anything else in it’s place.

The exposition of the scriptures is easy,you have to be clever to mess it up.

Nehemiah 8 stands as a great example of exegetical preaching. Verse 8 (Neh 8:8) is a short course in homiletics: READ and EXPLAIN.
It’s like rinse, lather and repeat on the shampoo bottle. It’s simple. There’s nothing missing.

    But what does it take? Let’s look at the guy doing the preaching:

  2. Look at Ezra 7:11 “…learned in the words of the commandments…” he didn’t just stand up and open his mouth,


“First Night Of Pastors Conference”

I too had a joyous time for the inaugural evening here at Pastors Conference. I think that the icing on the cake if you will was the evening with John Branyan. I laughed so hard that my stomach still hurts from laughing so much. What gave it the icing is the fact that he reminded us of how important that it is to continue to love our wives no matter what. He illustrated this fact with speaking about his own great-grandparents and the struggles that they had in the end of thier lives. He reminded us that no matter what we have to go through, that we still have to have that spark in our eyes for our spouses. I had to ask myself, “Do I still have that spark?” What a joy to know that as a part of this conference, they want me to make sure that my marriage is kept alive!