Daily Archives: June 1, 2008

Day 1 With the Literary ESV

BANG! With that I’m out of the starting gate. I haven’t quite determined how in depth to make this little blogging routine but I have two windows open. One on each monitor. 🙂 To my left is the Literary ESV set on Genesis 1 – I started to read the notes and figured I’d best open a blog window on the right. I’m already enjoying the literary notes. Viewing the Bible through a literary Genre lens is a worthy endeavor. Thanks to the venerable KJV the english language is packed with literary allusions to the Bible. Just go looking for them. I’ve got some reading to do. Don’t know how much I’ll blog about the content itself but here we go.

Epic. Not only is it the theme of the book of Genesis from a literary standpoint but it is the only way to truly regard reading the book of Genesis (well 1/2 of it) in one sitting. Creation, Fall, Flood, Families of the Earth, and the pivot point of not only the book of Genesis but of the entire Old Testament – the selection of the Patriarch Abram and his children to be the family through whom God will bless the earth.
The flood narrative demonstrates that merely starting over isn’t good enough. Once the human soul has been marred by sin, even a proverbial “new years day” won’t change anything. So God chooses Abraham and puts into play the long term plan to redeem the human soul.