Daily Archives: June 7, 2008

Day 7 With the Literary ESV


I can still hear Dr. Paul Benware‘s (Now moved on to Philadelphia Biblical University)voice telling me that if I’ll just pay attention to the next few chapters the entire Old Testament will start to make sense. It was my first semester at Moody Bible Institute and we were only a short way into Old Testament Survey when we came to Deuteronomy 27-30, especially Dt 28.

The passage is so extended and relentless in its pictures of misfortune that no sane person would choose to live in disobedience if these are the results. -ESVLSB

Every blessing God promises for obedience he continually calls Israel to receive through the prophets. And every curse which he promises if they reject him comes to pass from the period of the judges all the way through the deportation’s of Israel and Judah. Even the promise to restore in chapter 30. If you’ve never read these chapters with an eye on the rest of the Old Testament you should.


Moses already closed Deuteronomy with the admonition to “be strong and courageous” (Deut 31:23) and now at the onset of Joshua God steps forward to imbue strength and courage into the life of Moses’ former servant – the new leader of Israel. Joshua is going to need all of the courage he can muster too. If not because of the prolonged (but victorious) war he’s about to enter because the people of Israel in a rather ironic twist vow to him that they will obey him in the same manner they obeyed Moses. (Joshua 1:17) I can’t help but believe that the frequent rebellions didn’t rise to the surface of Joshua’s mind.