Daily Archives: June 19, 2008

Day 17-18 With the Literary ESV

Whew! Catching up is hard to do. Time and circumstance tend to converge in such a way that the slightest stumble (or in this case, internet interruption) can set you back for days. Well I’m happy to report that for today at least I am finally caught up on reading through the Literary ESV in thirty days. And that’s a good thing because my free subscription runs out soon. Of course I do have a hard copy on the way but I still have to finish what I started here.


Job encapsulates the penultimate problem which seems to drive theologians and non-theologians alike absolutely batty: the problem with pain as C.S. Lewis called it. Is there ever a point to suffering? Is there ever a purpose to pain?
Job as literature leaves nothing out. It is poetic, didactic, dramatic, narrative, comedic, tragic in fact if you can dream up a literary style the book of Job contains it. In terms of touching real life in a raw and unnerving way – the book of Job is it. All of this for one simple reason; the book of Job is unquestionably real.
We all suffer from time to time, and occasionally we suffer in the midst of righteousness. This theodicy is beyond our standard ability to comprehend and quite frankly any explanation which fails to account for God’s ineffable glory falls far shorter than it should.