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RE: The Book of Acts “Gamileal”

Sunday, June 22, 2008
“When God Is In It, It Is Unstoppable!”
Acts 5:34-42

Opening IL.
Again, I always love when God takes what we are going to study and makes it real in my life for the week. We have been continually posing the question, “What is next for Sugar Grove?” I’ve played and watched sports for many years now, and every once-in-a-while you hear a player or team described as unstoppable. Either they are so fast or so strong that their opponents do not stand a chance against them. This past year in the Tipton U10 girls’ softball league, we thought that there was that team. The problem that I had was that they wore black. You would hear parents in the stands say, “Man, the black team is tough! I don’t believe that anyone has beaten them.” We would go to Emmilynn’s games and see teams tie them or even come close, but in one way or another, “the black team” would win. Tournament came and there was a double elimination. Emmilynn’s team was seeded 7th in the league, and of course the black team was seeded 1st. Emmilynn’s team was beat the first game but won every game until they again had to face the “black team.” Needless to say, the black team beat them, but I was overjoyed that Emmilynn got second place. As I was thinking about this sermon this week, and actually thinking realistically, even though these teams and players were good none could really be called unstoppable. Why? Because those girls will get older and move up in the league, and may never play together again. We are limited creatures living in a restricted world. Only God is not limited. Only God does not amend His character. Only God is unstoppable. This leads us to our study for this morning.

Day 21 With the Literary ESV

I enjoyed a great day working through (most of) the minor prophets yesterday. Almost no reading at all on the computer screen since my hard copy of the ESVLSB arrived.

In terms of construction it’s a pretty well built Bible. It’s a hard back which I don’t use many of, but it opens flat immediately no matter where you are. The binding is a little tough to figure out – I can’t tell if it’s glued or sewn. From the end’s it looks glued, but the pages (folios) are folded as if sewn. the paper itself is very thin and is not white but parchment colored, which has a staggeringly nice effect on reading. the font is a touch small for my eyes but clean and sharp. All and all since it was designed as a readers’ bible it is easy to read.

So with my brand new hard back I sat down outside to read in side the kids’ playhouse while my two youngest played in their playhouse and sandbox. Eventually my oldest daughter found her way outside with a book and sat down next to me to read, and pretty soon my second oldest was sitting on the other side of me reading. My wife also – came out to sit near me and we enjoyed the day together.

The shade was lovely the gentle breeze was just the right temperature and my entire family was sitting playing or reading next to me, it was pure bliss.
Thanks God.