Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

John’s Simple Timeline Starter 1.0

Attached below you will find version 1.0 of my Simple Timeline Starter for Logos Libronix 3.x… Please backup any timelines you have before using this, just in case…

It requires .Net Framework 1.x to be installed. I only tested tested this on Windows XP and Vista, but it should work on any OS that supports .Net framework.

Also attached in the source code… I did this in VB.Net 2003, then upgraded to 2005. Feel free to improve the code, add features, etc… All I ask is you send copies to me so I can roll them in to the master copy… (Credits will be added to the About page as needed…)

Now to finish building timelines of the kings in the Northern kingdom….

God Bless,


Reflecting on 30 Days With the Literary ESV

observations along the way.

Reading this large of a block of scripture every day created a problem for me. I note that I became focused on conquering the territory rather than surveying it as I went. I had to continually struggle against that bent.

I suffer the same shortcoming when I drive on vacation. I could drive past the most beautiful vista’s and never notice because my eyes were pinned to the road and my heart was already at my destination. So it was in some measure as I read through the Bible this month. I found myself so focused on conquering the territory that I undoubtedly missed a number of blessings.

On the other hand I gained a panoramic overview of the Bible which can’t be had otherwise. So I don’t feel any guilt at reading past the details instead I feel blessed for having experienced the grandeur of God’s word at a distance. So I didn’t miss all the blessings I just received a different set. In fact most slower readers are virtually guaranteed to miss the forest because they’re so focused on the trees, or in most cases the bark.

The ESV as a Reader’s Bible

The ESV is incredibly readable. The speed with which I read didn’t permit me to compare it either to the original languages or to the NASB which has been my main bible translation for a number of years now. However I can say that the ESV rarely felt difficult to read in large chunks. To that effect at minimum it is a good translation for reading. This is an important point for me.