Daily Archives: October 17, 2008

Reviewing the ESV Study Bible in Calfskin

Way back on May 29th I said I had pre-ordered the ESV Study Bible in Goatskin Calfskin.
Edit: I had originally said it was Goatskin. J. Mark Bertrand corrected me on this and I note that it is Calfskin. So I’ve made the appropriate modifications!
Today I want to review it.
Unboxing the ESVSB in Goatskin Calfskin
This afternoon the badly beat up cardboard mailer arrived. So I promptly opened her up, but suddenly remembered I should shoot some photo’s.
That’s all well and good however the only camera available was the pathetic doohickey on my Treo. After a wayward glance to my broken digital camera (thrice dropped by my daughters) I grabbed my cellphone and started shooting.
Thus I beg that you will pardon the poor image quality.